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5 Things You Should do to Winterproof Your Home

With the Holidays coming around the corner, this only means a lot of spending and the last thing you need is for your home to eat up your budget. The winter months doesn’t have to be expensive if you take the time to winterproof your home. Here are five things you should do to to keep the cold out.

1- Inspect all your windows and doors for leaks. To prevent heat loss make sure to properly seal all gaps around door and window frames. Use a rolled-up blanket do help stop draughts from under the doors.

2- Prevent your water pipes from bursting by shutting off your outside water supply. When water freezes in your pipes it will expand causing pipes to burst. To ensure your hot water is hot during the cold season, insulate your hot water tank and pipes.

3- Program your thermostat to regulate your heating. Your main living room should be heated to around 21ºC (70ºF). A programmable thermostat will offer time scheduled settings that can allow you to lower the temperature when you are not home to help reduce heating costs

4- Check your furnace and air filter to sure they are clean. Dirty, clogged furnace filters can cause the furnace to work harder than it should. Inspect and replace your furnace filter regularly to ensure that it is running at maximum capacity.

Check out Enbridge’s winterproofing programs to see if you qualify.

Looking to purchase your next home for the new year? Contact me and let’s discuss your real estate investment options.


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