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Canada’s largest city certainly offers a vibrant urban lifestyle to anyone choosing to work and live in the downtown core. Known as one of the world’s most multicultural city, Toronto is overflowing with culture, diverse languages, food and art. Stretching from Bloor to the Lake, the metropolis has been rapidly growing in the last two decades offering conveniences and opportunities to those allured by the big city.

The city’s motto is “Diversity Our Strength”. It is North America’s fifth most populous municipality with a population of 2.7 million people and growing.

We are very fortunate to have such multiculturalism in our city; more than half of the population are immigrants. Coming from all over the world they contribute to Toronto’s diversity and complexity, home to 230 different nationalities.  You will find a restaurant for almost every type of cuisine all over the city.

Being at the pulse of the city ensures that you are around the latest and greatest cultural events. You will be surrounded by cool designer condo buildings, a coffee shop in every corner and plenty of unique shops to discover everyday. Toronto’s nightlife with the convenience of the transit services offers a fun filled lifestyle choice. Some of the best attractions and theatres include the CN Tower, Roy Thompson Hall, TIFF Light Box, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ed Mirvish Theatre, Prince of Wales Theatre, Royal Alexandra Theatre, The Royal Conservatory and the list goes on.

Today Toronto continues to attract smart investors and business individuals. According to Forbes Magazine our city has made their top ten list of “World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities”. It is Canada’s banking/financial capital, housing North America’s third largest concentration of private IT companies and with a current construction boom dominated by condo developments and office buildings. Lying at the economic heart of the world’s wealthiest countries, Toronto is projected to keep humming through 2020.

If you are looking to invest on property in Toronto’s downtown core please contact us, we would be happy to assist you with your real estate needs. There are so much to discover in our diverse city, with things to do and places to go everyday.


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