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Danforth Strong

Danforth Avenue in Toronto was first built in the1850s by The Don and Danforth Plank Road Company and was named after Asa Danforth, an American contractor who was originally commissioned in 1799 to cut the Danforth but he didn’t build it. Instead he built a route that headed east from Scarborough towards Trenton known as Kingston Road.

After the Second World War, Canada saw an increase in its immigrant population and in 1960 it was reported that close to 500,000 European immigrants had come to Toronto. The first inhabitants to the middle class suburbs just south of the danforth were mainly immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland. During the 1950s and 60s a large number of Italians and Greeks began to settle in

Major development on the Danforth began a couple of years after the completion of the Bloor Viaduct in 1918. The Danforth neighbourhood was originally developed as “streetcar suburbs” however with these major transportation improvements the area began to prosper. Attracting more ethnicities into the area including Gujarati, Moroccan, Afghani, Caribbean, Pakistani and Ethiopian cultures. The Danforth grew to include hundreds of retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

Today, Danforth Avenue also known as Greektown continues to strive and is a stronger community now than ever, you can expect to see a lively street with plenty of traffic and people enjoying the Danforth.

Contact me if you are looking for investment opportunities in the Danforth or would like to live in the neighbourhood.


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