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Dreaming Of That Cottage Get Away?

One of the most celebrated long weekends happens in July where everyone heads out of the city to cottage country. If you have that second home by the water, I hope you had a chance to get away to enjoy the perfect outdoor weather weekend. Now if you are dreaming about buying a cottage, you would be surprised to know that with some dedication and planning this dream can be a reality. Purchasing a recreation property will require a lot of research to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

I have had the fortune of spending many weekends outside the city with friends and family and I understand the allure of owning a summer home. My advice before you start looking for your dream cottage is to get your finances in order so you know what kind of budget you are working with. Secondly put together a wish list, this is something that I can help my clients with since I am close to the market and I can advise you on what’s available and realistic. Most of the time, location will be a huge factor in the decision process. Do you want a beachfront cottage by an unpopulated lake and/or electric service something you need? How about road access, how close do you want to be near a major highway?

Cottage living is a unique lifestyle that offers city dwellers a chance to get away from the hustle bustle of their busy work environment. I personally have enjoyed my visits to the Muskokas and places like Haliburton where you are surrounded by tall trees, clean air and mother nature’s beauty. Imagine outdoor BBQs, canoeing and/or spending your days on a dock with your toes dipped in fresh water with a drink in your hand. But most importantly imagine owning your own personal paradise where you can escape to at anytime.

If you are in the market for a cottage, contact me to discuss your investment options. I bring experience, knowledge and passion to the table and would be delighted to help you find that piece of paradise.


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