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How to get your home show ready!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Does thinking about getting your home or condo ready to sell sometimes overwhelm you? It can sometimes seem like a lot of work, and we don’t always know where to start. The good news? It can be fairly simple and inexpensive We’ve put together a few tips and tricks so that the task of cleaning your home or condo doesn’t seem to be daunting.

One room at a time

This tip seems self-explanatory. Pick one room at a tip in your home to start. Whether it be a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. and only focus on that one room until it is complete. Sometimes when we start in one room and keep moving around the house, it seems like nothing ever actually gets done. Focusing on one room at a time helps us to accomplish the task at hand.

Set a timer

When we know we are going to be cleaning for hours at a time, sometimes we just keep putting it off. This is where the timer comes in! Set the timer for 15 minutes, do as much as you can in those 15 mins, and then take a break. You will be surprised at how much you accomplish!

Hire a cleaning service

If getting your home show ready just seems like to much, hire a professional! Think of it as an investment in getting your home sold for top dollar. You can even have them come in once a week while the home is being sold to ensure that it is always ready to show!

We know that putting your home on the market can seem overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help! Email us at, for an expert opinion, with any questions that you have about getting your home sold or how to prepare for it. We would also love to hear any feedback about our blog!

To read more information on getting your home on the market, click here.



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