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Here are 10 reasons why the Holiday season is the perfect time to sell your home!

10. You can sell now for more money and we may be able to provide for a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year.

9. Even though your house will be on the market, you still have the option to restrict showings during the six or seven days around the Holidays.

8. January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Since transfers cannot wait until Spring to buy, you need to be on the market during the Holidays to capture the market.

7. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons.

6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays than they do during a work week.

5. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition means more money for you.

4. Houses show better when decorated for the Holidays.

3. Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, there may be less demand for your home then.  A lower inventory NOW means more money for you!

2. Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price. 

The Number one reason why you should list during the holidays…

1. People who look for homes during the Holidays are more serious buyers!


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