• brittny55

Outdoor Fun in Your Backyard!

Do your kids love to be outside? But do they sometimes get bored? Well, you can build a backyard oasis for them for the summer! It doesn’t have to be complicated and can be more than just a playset! Options can vary from your very own zip line to castle towers!

Zip Line

Zip lines are so much fun for kids and adults. Sometimes they can be intimidating to children due to their size so this is the perfect time to customize it just to fit them. You can find instructions and a materials list online!

Kids Climbing Wall

Kids love to climb, so by making them a climbing wall, you are allowing them to do something they love in a controlled area! Climbing plays a key role in developing motor skills so they will have a blast with this fun wall in your backyard!

Tall towers

Kids love to be up high. A tall tower with a climbing wall on the side would be the best of both worlds for them. The tower doesn’t have to be super tall, about 5 feel tall. Your kids will feel like king of the world up there!

The ideas could go on and on to turn your backyard into a child’s oasis. All of these suggestions are super easy to make and you can find instructions all over the internet for them. I would love to see what you have come up with, so let me know in the comments how your projects turned out! If you are looking to build one and need help, let me know and I will happily connect you with the best professionals!

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