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Patio BBQ Season has Arrived!

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads. This month not only should we be celebrating those special fathers in our lives, we should also be enjoying the long awaited “patio BBQ season”. It has arrived, so time to take out the BBQ and the patio furniture so we can finally enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like spending time with friends and family under the sun on a beautiful sunny day! To continue my theme from last month’s blog of exploring the outdoor space, it is always worth investing on expanding your living area outside. This will create the opportunity to increase your home’s resale value. The outdoor space of your property can be an essential requirement for a buyer and therefore a major selling feature.

Since Toronto summers only last about two months each year, I would advise that everyone try and take advantage of good weather when it comes around. Having a BBQ in the backyard is one of the best excuses to have company over, I myself is always available for a good outdoor get together. Backyard parties are like quick getaways without having to leave home. Nowadays people are so busy in their jobs that having the opportunity to get some peace and rest from their backyard is a much needed option.

As a realtor, I have seen the benefits of investing some capital on landscape design elements as well as patio furniture that maximizes the outdoor space. Alot of homeowners today seek outdoor living options that give them enjoyment with the exterior of their home. I find that buyers look around the patio and backyard almost as much as the kitchen and bathrooms. The backyard is a pretty big deal, in fact there is an Expo every year dedicated to “Backyard Living” (see held at the International Centre.

Creating a patio or backyard that fits your family can bring you years of happy memories in your home. If you are looking to find your dream home that will fit your family’s needs give me a call. I bring passion, experience and knowledge and would be happy to discuss your investment opportunities in real estate.


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