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Growing up in the suburbs has its ups and downs but if you are raising a family, it’s a great environment to live in. It offers larger spaces, bigger houses and access to good schools. However, it is a “CAR” culture, if you don’t have wheels then getting around can be tedious. The Town of Richmond Hill is becoming one of those suburbs that is beautiful and filled with green everywhere but nothing is within walking distance and so a car is a necessary part of the lifestyle.

Richmond Hill is an attractive place, it has been rated six as one of the best places to live and work in Canada. According to a survey released by the Conference Board of Canada, the city rates high in education, innovation, and society. It is the third most diverse city in Canada with the highest number of graduates in engineering, science, and math per capita. According to the mayor of Richmond Hill, Dave Barrow, the city grows two to three percent annually, adding three to four thousand new residents which translate to about 1000 units of new housing each year.

The biggest misconception about living in the suburbs is that there is nothing to do. The unique town of Richmond Hill has gained the reputation of being very inclusive, a welcoming community that consists of large homes with large backyards and garages. Generally populated by wealthy residents, the town’s cultural agenda has been to celebrate events such as Heritage Day and Ribfest. With strong historical roots Richmond Hill has plenty of restaurants that serve different types of food.  Take a trip just a little bit north and experience Richmond Hill for yourself.

If you are looking to relocate and would like to explore what the city has to offer contact us to discuss your options.

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