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On Sunday Dec. 17, 2017 Toronto celebrated the opening of TTC’s new Line 1 extension subway.  The entire TTC network, including buses, streetcars and the subways were free to the public from 5 a.m. Sunday until 5 a.m Monday, thanks to the Province of Ontario. The 8.6 kilometre line has six stops reaching York University and beyond, ending at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Now you can take the TTC from Vaughan to the Union Station in about 46 minutes.

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All six stations are fully accessible, Wi-Fi-equipped, PRESTO-enabled and are staffed by new Customer Service Agents. There are TTC commuter parking at Finch West Station (347 spaces), Pioneer Village Station (1,881 spaces) and Highway 407 Station (583 spaces), and these spaces are free until April 2018.

Here’s a look at each new station:

Downsview Park: is located at Downsview Park on the south side of Sheppard Avenue West, centred under GO Transit’s Barrie Commuter Rail line. Includes: connection to Barrie GO rail service. Accessible with: three elevators and six escalators.

Finch West: is located under Keele Street, north of Finch Avenue West. Includes: six-bay TTC bus terminal, 347-space commuter lot, one passenger-pick-up-and-drop-off (10 spaces), future connection to Finch West LRT. Accessible with: three elevators and eight escalators.

York University: is located at York University, crossing underneath Ian Macdonald Boulevard in the heart of the Keele Campus at the east end of the Harry W. Arthurs Common. Accessible with: two elevators and six escalators. GO Transit, YRT and Brampton buses continue to serve this station.

Pioneer Village: is located diagonally below Steeles Avenue West at Northwest Gate. Includes: 12-bay TTC and five-bay YRT bus terminal, 1,881-space commuter lot, and one passenger-pick-up-and-drop-off (11 spaces). Accessible with: four elevators and 10 escalators. .

Highway 407: is located west of Jane Street and south of Highway 407, west of Black Creek. Includes: 18-bay GO/YRT/Viva bus terminal, 583-space commuter lot, one passenger-pick-up-and-drop-off (30 spaces) and connection to future Highway 407 Transitway. Accessible with: two elevators and seven escalators.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre: is located north of Highway 7 to the west side of the relocated Millway Avenue. The terminal station is a multi-modal transportation hub with on-street passenger-pick-up-and-drop-off (on New Park Place and Millway Avenue), and connections to YRT SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal and to the Viva BRT, which will run in the centre of Highway 7. Accessible with: four elevators and six escalators.

Since the opening of the TTC line, Vaughan has become much more attractive to homebuyers. If you too are interested in investing or relocating to Vaughan, give us a call anytime.


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