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State-Of-The Art YMCA in the Beaches

On June 17, 2014 news regarding plans to build a new YMCA topped by condos on Kingston Rd was received with mixed reactions from residents in the Beaches. However, if you were to visit Kingston Rd between Beech and Balsam today you would see that construction has already been ongoing. The plan is to combine a two-floor YMCA with six-floors of Beech House Condos. This new seven-story building has replaced the old Y building from 1953, the Sherrin Funeral Home from the 1920s and two houses on 218 & 220 Balsam Avenue. The new facilities will include a pool, a gym and three and half levels of private and public parking.

Expected to open in 2019, this state-of-the-art YMCA Centre is 60,000 sq. ft. costing about $29 million. It will be able to serve up to 10,000 members with a focus on helping children, teens and families grow strong- physically, mentally and socially. The goal is to unite the neighbourhood as a community by providing a wide range of gathering spaces and programs for people of all ages. The new Kingston Road YMCA will be located at 907 Kingston Road, the closest major intersection is Kingston Road and Victoria Park Avenue.

Here are a few programs that will be offered:

The current floor plan incorporates:

  • A full gymnasium

  • Two pools and a whirlpool

  • Multi-purpose fitness studios

  • A conditioning and weight room

Now that the new YMCA has officially opened ground, this is another good reason to move to the Beaches. Call me for more information.


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