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If you were to ride the TTC on any given day in Toronto, you would notice that it’s busting with students from all ages. With over 150,000 students enrolled each year into a university or college, it’s no wonder that it would seem that the 6 has been invaded by the youth. Looking for a place during the months of August and September can be a nightmare, most often you are competing with students looking to rent. With the help of their parents they often get the best places first.

There are so many reasons why students choose Toronto as their destination to receive higher education. Toronto offers an all-round high quality of life, a vibrant cultural scene and nightlife and of course world-leading universities. The highest-ranked of these is the University of Toronto (UofT). Founded in 1827, it is placed 31st among the world’s most prestigious universities with a reputation of producing leaders, among them are five Canadian prime ministers.

With a global reach Toronto is a bustling mecca for those looking for a better quality of life and it often starts with their education. Attracting hundreds of international students from 160 countries the city is also home to Ryerson University, OCAD University and George Brown College students. It is also never too late to go back to school, there are hundreds of mature students looking for a career change who make Toronto their new home.

Who do you know looking to invest in the most vibrant city?

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