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Time for that Seasonal Swap - Keeping Wardrobe Closets in Check

Have you brought out your winter clothes yet? Now that it is officially getting colder and November has arrived, it is probably a good time to start storing away those summer clothes. No one likes a cluttered home especially wardrobe closets so here are a few tips you should consider when making that seasonal swap.

1. Sort out your clothes and decide what you will keep and what you no longer need.

HINT: If you didn’t wear it during the past season, the chances are you won't wear it next year.

2. Before storing your “keep” pile, make sure to clean them. Wash or dry clean your clothes and avoid using starch or sizing because they can attract insects that can damage the material.

3. Do not store clothes in dry cleaner’s thin plastic bags, they can trap moisture that causes mildew and discoloration. Also, avoid using the thin wire hangers provided by cleaners.

4. Ensure your clothing storage bags are clean and mould-free, I suggest using Fabric hanging bags and garment bags rather than plastic to allow for air circulation (avoid using cardboard boxes). Use dryer sheets to keep them smelling fresh.

HINT: Lavender bags or cedarwood in your storage boxes are natural ways to deter moths.

5. Do not store your clothes in humid damp places such as basements, attics and garages.

When considering purchasing a home ensure to look for storage spaces however with small spaces there are always creative solutions to tackle storage problems. I will address these solutions in a future blog so stay tuned.

If you are considering purchasing or selling real estate this season, contact me and we can discuss your options. I bring passion, experience and knowledge to help all my real estate clients.


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