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Toronto’s Top 10 Oldest Buildings

A gathering at Scadding Cabin on the occasion of the opening of the CNE in 1907. Toronto Public Library

Have you ever wondered how old the buildings are in Toronto and which ones have been around longer? For this week’s blog I’ve decided to list and identify the oldest buildings around the city. Here are the top 10:

  1. The Scadding Cabin located at 2 Strachan Avenue was built in 1794 and is located on the CNE grounds. This loog house belonged to John Scadding and was first built on a 250-acre property.

  2. The Osterhout Log Cabin situated along the Scarborough Bluffs was built around 1795 by Augustus Jones.

  3. The John Cox Cottage is still being used as a residence on 469 Broadview Avenue in the Riverdale neighbourhood. The first stage of the structure was a log cabin and was built in 1807

  4. The Elm Bank Farm House built in 1808 is a stone building on the property known as Elm Bank. Own by John Grubb this old house is located at 23 Jason Rd, Thistletown in Etobicoke.

  5. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Built in 1808 it is located on the Toronto Islands.

  6. Fort York has a collection of historic military buildings from 1812-1815. Located on a 43-acre in the Fort York neighbourhood just west of downtown Toronto.

  7. The Daniel Stong’s First House in Black Creek Pioneer Village has been standing since 1816. It was built by Daniel Stong and Elizabeth Fisher Stong, the square log house was home to the Stong family until 1832.

  8. The Grange in downtown Toronto is a historic Georgian manor and was the first home of the Art Gallery. The 1817 building built by D’Arcy Boulton is the oldest remaining brick house and now part of today’s Art Gallery of Ontario.

  9. The Gray Gristmill was operated by the Gray brothers William and James Gray. The Mill was built in 1819 and is now party of Donalda Golf and Country Club.

  10. The Mercer House built around 1820 is a Georgian-style farmhouse of Samuel and Ann Mercer locatde at 72 Old Burnhamthorpe Road in Etobicoke.

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