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Why Being a Mother makes for a Good Realtor

I have had the great fortune of meeting amazing people being a Realtor. The flexibility with my job has helped with balancing work and my family life as a mother. Although it continues to be a blessing it does come with its challenges, but one thing is for sure, my motherly traits shine through when dealing with clients. Here are three traits as a mother that has contributed to my success as a Realtor.

Unconditional Love: Having children has given me the greatest lesson of loving without bounds. There is no greater love than a mother’s unconditional love for her children. All my clients are received with that mother’s heart, I treat them with the same fairness and understanding I give to my children. In times of danger a mother’s love can provide the feeling of safety and protection, I strive to ease my clients during the stressful process of buying and selling a home.

Patience: As much as I want the best for my children, I will always want the same for my clients. I am not one to give up on my children and never on my clients. I have gained a lot of patience throughout the years and I aim to insure that my client’s goals are reached.

Integrity: Integrity is crucial to being a good mother and a good role model. Children will always be the first to point out your mistakes. As a real estate professional, clients need to be assured that you are honest and sincere. If you have my word, I will always follow through. My clients are always rest assured that they can trust me.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate not only mothers, but also mothers who are Realtors. No single world can precisely describe the love of a mother. She understands her children’s preferences as your Realtor understands your home requirements.

Are your house requirements being met? let’s chat.


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