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Do you dare?

Toronto’s spooky history begins with the earliest days of the city. With Toronto being home to such beautiful old buildings, it’s not a surprise that a few of them are home to gruesome deaths and other spooky events. From Old City Hall to Casa Loma castle, there are many stories that haunt these streets.

Mimico Asylum

Most of you may know it now as Humber College Lakeshore Campus, but once upon a time, it was actually a psychiatric hospital. It was in operation from 1889 to 1979. With only 60 patient files available but 1,511 people in marked and unmarked graves, there is no telling how many patients still haunt the grounds to this day. Most of the ghost have been seen in the underground tunnels across campus.

Queens Park

There have been at least half a dozen different ghost spotted at Queen’s Park. Before it became the building of the Legislature, it was a lunatic asylum. That is where the female ghost are said to have come from. There is also said to be a strong female presence on the fourth floor. It has been reported on several occasions that people can hear her cries in the distance. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for this haunted dwelling.

Don Jail

Of course a jail would be haunted! Don Jail was one of the most brutal spots between 1908 and 1968. Not only did it house thousands of prisoners when it was in operation, 34 people were executed here. Many believe that the jail is still haunted and the most famous ghost of Don Jail is a female prisoner who took her own life in her cell. They say she still roams the jail grounds.

Casa Loma Castle

Located in the middle of midtown Toronto, Casa Loma Castle is one of the most famous haunted dwellings in Toronto. This 98 room castle once belonged to Sir Henry Pellatt and his wife Lady Mary. Staff and guest have shared numerous stories of a mysterious lady dressed in white and of hearing a man mutter and sigh near the stables. The castle is also said to be haunted by Sir Henry and Lady Mary since they were forced to leave the home due to being unable to keep up with the costs.

If you are looking for an expert in Toronto real estate to tell you all about which dwellings are haunted in Toronto, email me today. All of the history attached to these historical buildings absolutely fascinates me. If you have visited one of these haunted buildings, please share any information you have with us!

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