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More New Construction?

The city of Toronto is growing and with that comes new construction. Not only is the city growing but the student population of Toronto colleges and universities is also expanding. In the last few years, the student population of Humber College has more than doubled. Leaving them to have outgrown their existing student facilities.

The Solution?

Humber College has decided to expand their facilities by building The Humber Cultural Hub. This is a four year, two-phase redevelopment at the Lakeshore Campus and the latest project of several campus renovation projects in the last five years. Construction has already went underway with phase one, which includes the construction of a 130-set Recital Hall and a 300 space student residence addition that includes a new cafeteria. These building will be eight or nine stories. The second wave of development is expected to start in August of 2023 and should include an amphitheatre, music labs, and a recoding studio.

Is this beneficial?

The new Hub will be able to support an expanding population and bring in new student residence. Students looking to become top experts in the media and film industry will have access to new equipment to hone their skills.

To read more about new construction happening soon in Toronto, click here.

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