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Ontario Place

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Have you heard of Ontario Place?

Ontario Place is an entertainment venue, event venue, and park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The venue is located on three artificial islands just off shore in Lake Ontario, south of Exhibition Place, and southwest of Downtown Toronto. Ontario place operated as a theme park that was centered around themes and family attractions for 41 years. In 2012 the Government announced that it would close for redevelopment with a target date of 2017.Today it currently includes Budweiser Stage, Cinesphere, and Echo Beach as the main park venues and facilities. But good news! Redevelopment is coming!

Who's in charge of the rebuild?

3 private sector partners have been chosen to help transform Ontario Place. Ford announced that Austrian resort developer Therme, Quebec outdoor recreation rim Ecorecreo and US based concert promoter LIVE NATION were the private sector partners chosen. The new redevelopment will include a new outdoor adventure park, a massive indoor spa and water park, and an expanded concert venue. The new concert venue will be capable of hosting shows year-round instead of just during the summer months like the current Budweiser Stage. It is also said that the park will include aerial obstacle courses, escape rooms, and climbing walls.

New parks, promenades, trails and beaches along the public sites will also be a part of the new vision for Ontario Place. The Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail will remain a part of Ontario Place. The goal is for it to be a public place for everyone to come and be a world-class destination! To learn more about new construction, click here. We look forward to this new development in our city! Email us at and tell us what you think about the new Ontario Place.

Mayssoun Hatoum


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