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Moms in the Workforce Continue to Inspire

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies, and since one of my favourite topics to write about is on women making a difference I felt a special Mother’s Day Blog was needed. As a mother myself, I know juggling our home lives and our professional work is mostly challenging so I would like to acknowledge all you strong women. Staying in the workforce after having children is not an easy task and not really an option for single mothers. We mothers who do continue to work are often burdened with the sense of guilt but our presence in the workforce is critical if we are to be role models to our daughters.

As a born Lebanese woman, I have dealt with a lot of cultural restrictions and expectations when pursuing a career. In my culture women are often expected to stay at home once they have children, I am grateful to have both a career and the opportunity to be a mother. I found a wonderful speech by Leila Hoteit on Ted talks that speak about career women in the Arab countries that I found both informative and inspiring; I would like to share it with you, please click on the link to view:

This month let’s celebrate mothers that continue to inspire us who are eloquent, fierce and passionate. Women who rally us to advocate for a better workplace and a better world. Enjoy your weekend this Mother’s Day and let those special ladies know that you appreciate them. Below are a couple more Ted talks links of courageous trailblazing women worth listening to.

No single word can precisely describe the love of a mother. She understands her children's preferences as your Realtor understands your home requirements. Are your house requirements being met? if not Let's Chat!! To read past blogs on women and real estate click onto the links below.


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